Re: [CODE] Stacking probs

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/30/98

> I'm just brewing with questions today eh . . .
> Anyhow.  I've just made objects that can have the same vnum, but different
> descriptions, and the stacking snippet just doesn't like that.  It just got
> the description of the first item in the list and listed it as '(2) an
> item' where one item had the s_descr of 'an item' and the other had 'a
> super duper thing'.I've tried modifying the list_obj_to_char funtion to
> check for same descriptions, and now it just leaves one of the items out
> completely.  I've included the entire function below if anyone feels like
> taking a gander.
code below snipped.
  the snippet from alex's site should account for different short
descriptions in the same way that it does with vnum. Since vnum for
temporary items is always NOTHING, it has to reply on short_description
for identity for difference between temporary items.  So, you might want
to look that you're specifically changing the short description (as
opposed to something elsE), and that you code is very near identical to
the objstacking code on the snippet site.


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