[CODE] list_obj_to_char change crashes Circle

From: John Woods (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 07/01/98

I know I must be missing something REALLY stupid here but I can't find it. I
pinpointed the error, however, and it is marked with a <---. Anyone know what
I'm doing wrong? It of course crashes whenever anyone logs in. ;-)
The log()s were to look for errors, you can ignore those. :-)
I'm guessing that maybe struct obj_data * object should be in the arguments
passed to the function, but I wasn't sure.

void list_obj_to_char2(struct obj_data * list, struct char_data * ch, int
                           int show)
  struct obj_data * object;
  struct obj_data *i;
  bool found;

  found = FALSE;

        //*buf = '\0';
        log("strcpying You see");
        strcpy(buf, "   You see ");
        log("Calling for statement");
  for (i = list; i; i = i->next_content) {
    if (CAN_SEE_OBJ(ch, i)) {
                        log("Checking to see if buf is still You see");
                        if (buf != "   You see ") {
                                log("strcating , object->shortdesc");
                                strcat(buf, ", ");
                                strcat(buf, object->short_description);   <---
                                log("show_obj_to_char2(i, ch, mode)");
                                show_obj_to_char2(i, ch, mode);
                        } else {
                                log("strcating object->short...");
                                strcat(buf, object->short_description);
                                log("Calling show_obj_to_char2");
                                show_obj_to_char2(i, ch, mode);
                        log("Making found = TRUE");
      found = TRUE;
                        strcat(buf, ".\r\n");
  if (!found && show)
    send_to_char(" Nothing.\r\n", ch);


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