From: avram (avram@GTE.NET)
Date: 07/02/98

I know I am a new bie.  And I am not the worlds greatest coder.  And that
probley most of the people just delet my mail when they see it anyway.  But
i just wanted to say that this Quinn thing is getting really old.  Cant
people just grow up.  Ignor him.  If you dont like his code (not sayin he
stole it cus i do not know nor really care atm) dont use it.  Most of the e
mails i got today were about him.  I dont mind seeing the once in a while
flame but when it gets ta be 20 or 30 on the same thing.  It kinda gets me
up set.  If people dont want him on this list, cant you all just try and
vote him off or something?  Just my thoughts and a suggestion.  MAKE AN

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