Re: Policies for your MUD & the world table

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 07/02/98

>One idea I had was that _SKILLS_ should not be something you get, go into
>the trainer's room, and type "prac steal" five times and know.  I believe
>there is some code at Alex's site to increment skills when used, so that
>part isn't really a question, it's a suggested answer.  I don't think that
>the practice command itself should be able to bring a skill to a perfect
>level.  I'd say a person learns 1/3 of the stuff from someone showing them,
>the other 2/3 from actual work.  It's an idea you may want to incorporate
>into your MUD.

Well, I have a similar idea.  However, it took a lot more to incorporate
it.  When a player gains a skill (spell or skill) it saves the level at
which the player gained it.  Then, as the player advances in levels,
their 'level of mastery' in that skill increases.  Their maximum
practicable amount is equal to something based on their level of mastery.
 That way, someone who has had a skill for say 20 levels, can practice it
a lot better than someone who has had it for 2 levels.  However, since on
my MUD, skills are not assigned, but 'bought' at any point, that is the
major difference.

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