Re: Policies for your MUD & the world table

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 07/02/98

O I forgot to mention two things hehe. One take practice command out so
that cant also practice skill. It is the point right?
and two (The whole point I forgot hehe the way to make it level dependent)
hack at Brian Williams imrpove_skill void.
 Here what you do to it. You add a check versus level
get_skill(ch, skill_x) / 10 > get_level(ch) * (some number to make it work
with you amount of levels on your mud)
This will halt improvment so a low level cant improve to much
then in  int how_good ( I think this is in stock circle if not I mail apon
request. Hack at it as well copy it and rename it How_good_skill then call
IT from acmd(do_skills) command and add a level check in how_good_skills
with reverse of the math in your improve_skill
sorry for making this two mails

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