Re: Possible bug? "Ghost Shaidan" at Jul 5, 98 00:39:09 am

From: MUD Account (mud@HAL9000.HAL9000.NET.AU)
Date: 07/05/98

> I am guessing that he picked up some eq which put him at -3 hitp
> (something -20 or 30 hp maybe).  This will drop his hp down to -3, but he
> will still be POS_STANDING (or whatever) until the mud calls pos-update()
> (?) or some such function which would happen when he is fighting.

> Just a thought.
> Ghost Shaidan
> 4000
A pretty good thought actually.  I apologise for my brain not working -
youve hit the nail on the head and Im now VERY embarassed.  Ill claim
temporary insanity and play on the fact that Im sick and jetlagged. :)
So - ignore my last message please and forgive my stupidity.

Just so you know - he was wielding the starkblade (Like I said I was
mucking around) - which gives -20 to max hit.  Wolverine was level 1 with
17 hitpoints :P Doh!
Jazz "The Stupid"

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