Re: Possible bug?

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 07/04/98

I am guessing that he picked up some eq which put him at -3 hitp
(something -20 or 30 hp maybe).  This will drop his hp down to -3, but he
will still be POS_STANDING (or whatever) until the mud calls pos-update()
(?) or some such function which would happen when he is fighting.

It looks like after he logged in he had a few minutes of activity.
i.e. enough to get his corpse from the newbie zone, and re wear that eq
that brought him to -3.  He probably then rested.  Giving the mud time to
call pos_update, which will put him in position dead, or stunned or
somesuch, which is below the minimum position for most commands.. even

Just a thought.

Ghost Shaidan 4000

> Jul  4 13:15:32 :: Wolverine entering game with no equipment.
> Jul  4 14:17:46 :: Wolverine force-rented and extracted (idle).
> Jul  4 14:17:46 :: Losing descriptor without char.
> The only options in the config.c I changed were:
> pk_allowed: yes and pt_thief: yes (which of course should have nothing to
> do with this - Im just trying to provide information.  Im going to feel
> very stupid if this is normal behaviour - been a while since I actually
> played circle instead of being admin/coder :P)
> auto_save: yes (I was wondering if its a bug with the autosave code).
> Anyway, as always flame me personally if its something stupid and I
> havent actually activated my brain today which is the most likely
> explanation (A combination of jetlag and the flu is a bitch). ie. dont spam
> the list :) <>
> Jazz
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