Re: [BPLxx] Stopping?

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 07/06/98

Nah, they are large releases :)  Just keep quiet and don't rock the boat, we are
getting updates regularly right now.  sssshhhhhh.....

Seriously though, "14_a" would be enhancements to things enhanced by "14".
--Angus - Just glad the updates are coming.

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Subject:  [BPLxx] Stopping?
Date:    7/6/98 10:29 AM

Just wondering about something...cause Circle's beta "patchlevel" system
isn't seeming too standardized ---> we were graced with bpl13 a month or
so ago, bpl14 has just arrived and now there's talk of bpl15 soon?  Didn't
it take like, a year between bpl11 and bpl12?  Hence, shouldn't the
current bpl's be "enchancements" to 13/14?  i.e. bpl13b, bpl14_a?  It's
nearly getting as weird as Windows' version numbering system :)

 Julian Buckley, 2nd Year Computer Systems Engineering
 Dept. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Qld

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