Re: [MacOS] PL14 patch

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 07/06/98

>Reading over the page, it looks like it should implement near or full
>POSIX.1, along with pthreads (!) and pipes.  I just hope this stuff is
>finished up before MacOS X or Matt gets that job with the Open Transport
>group at Apple that he is applying for :-)

Well, if he is going to be doing a major re-vamp, he should look into
making it carbon native too, that way he doesn't have to worry about Mac
OS X at all, and will be ready for the next wave of OS.

>As for why you have problems - I have no clue.  It works fine for me,
>just be cautious of your includes.  Do not include GUSI.h itself, because
>it conflicts with some of Circle's own includes.  Instead, you'll need to
>extract anything defined in GUSI.h that you need (such as a couple signal
>defines, and some prototypes) and paste them into the .c files themselves.

Well, it compiled fine, and would start up, but as soon as I logged a
character on, it crashed at mudlog().  It was only when I tried to enter
the game from the main menu that it crashed in that function.  I am
guessing that it was having problems sending to the character.  I am
using a 68k, so that probably has a big influence.  I did all the changes
to make it 68k (based on the old code) but I haven't gotten around to
trying to compile with CW Pro 2 (My wife has the CDs at the place we are
moving to, so I won't see it for a month or so)

This reminds me, since the 68k macs have a different define set at the
beginning of comm.c, maybe instead of an #ifdef CIRCLE_MACINTOSH, it
should be #ifdef CIRCLE_MAC_PPC and a #ifdef CIRCLE_MAC_68K, then just
have a bit in the conf.h.mac to define which you have.  This would allow
for easier compiling on both platforms, and possibly allow for fat

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