Re: [OLC] Stats in Medit

From: Magik (magik@PYRAMID.NET)
Date: 07/08/98

Did you ever change the variable types that store your character stats in
structs.h?  They are normally sbyte (-127 to 127) in value, so if you
changed them to another type, you'll need to change the format chars in that
line to the appropriate format.


Go to the args list and put a (sbyte) before each GET_STR, GET_ADD, etc.

Lemme know what's up.  It works fine for me and I've had no other reports
thus far.


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From: Scorn <scorn@RMI.NET>
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Date: Tuesday, July 07, 1998 5:04 PM
Subject: Re:  [OLC] Stats in Medit

>I tried adding the code for stats in medit however on the medit menu i get
>the following:
>Stats     : Str/Add    Int    Wis    Dex    Con    Cha
>             11/4959264 4959272 4959264 4959280  11 4959264
>was wondering where all these extra numbers came from....
>when i stop using olc i stat the mob and it has changed the stats but they
>still look all messed up on the medit screen..

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