From: Douglas Mallory (dmallory@IXLMEMPHIS.COM)
Date: 07/08/98

In the proccess of patching Circle bpl14 with DG bpl12-to-DG3, I came
across a problem.

The Patch calls for:
#define SENDOK(ch) ((IS_NPC(ch) || (ch)->desc) && (to_sleeping ||
AWAKE(ch)) && \
                    !PLR_FLAGGED((ch), PLR_WRITING))

Stock Has:
#define SENDOK(ch) ((ch)->desc && (to_sleeping || AWAKE(ch)) && \
                    !PLR_FLAGGED((ch), PLR_WRITING))

This causes a problem during the init sequence, specifically eqing a mob
with equipment that it it's forbidden to use(examples in stock world).  As
I make it out, there's no buffer for the message at that point, which is
acceptable to my senses.  My question is what are the ramifications of just
removing the IS_NPC allowance, or, Why is it there in the patch?


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