Re: [ADMIN] Levels and "Stock"yness & msg to Alex

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 07/09/98

>proficiency system going in based on Chuck Reed (?)'s excellent base for a
>prof system.

Why thank you.

>Anyway, I personally like 30 levels, and with the current zones, it gives
>builders a basis to start our new, original world off of.  And I have seen
>muds with 50 levels take longer to reach IMM on than MUDs with 200 levels,
>and that isn't a joke.

Well, levels are pretty much a personall preference.  I have put in 60
mortal levels because it allows for a good progression scale (in my
opinion).  Players get skills/spells at a pretty constant rate from
1-20, then they get skills about every 3-4 levels from 21-40, then about
every 5-7.  And as the skills progress in "usefulness", they are worth
working that much harder for.  Another reason I chose not to have stock
levels is because we took out all the stock zones.  We just relaly wanted
to offer players as much "new!" as we could (course it's taking a helluva
lot longer).

>of your MUD quicker.  (Yes, that was sarcasm.)  We are transforming into a
>more role-play environment, with an OOC channel for out of char talk, and
>the rest having to be in IC channels.  (bonuses and penalties to rp/non-rp
>chars to make it worth their while.)

This is a good idea if it's rewarded like you said.  If your players are
willing to use the IC channel (I've seen too many a mud where people don't
even know about it), it can add a nice element to the game.

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