Re: Admin Ooc/Ic

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 07/10/98

I would keep shout around and have it put you on hold for 2-3 tics before you
could shout again.  Also, leave a way to tell to a god (commune? pray?) and for
a god to tell back.  Don't forget, changes this extensive need GOOD
documentation on a web site and in help files for your players.

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Subject: Re:  Admin Ooc/Ic
Date:    7/9/98 7:56 PM

We thought about that actually.. The shout command will still work however
it will only be heard a few rooms away, not the whole zone.  As well, we
are hoping that players will quickly form "cliques" and create general
meeting places.  As well we will have taverns, bars, etc already in the
works that will suffice as great meeting spots.  We know it will make
things difficult, that is why we are weighing the choice so heavily.  As
well there will be note boards about that players can write messages to
each other on and spells for distance communication (mages and priests).
We have it in mind to make a messanger service where a note can be left
for someone provided they are in an inn, etc, or you can hire some NPC's
to try and track down the target and deliver a message.  We are trying to
come up with some "realistic" methods of distance communication.  As for
in group talking, we figured take out gtell/gsay but make spells like
group telepathy and objects, etc that would be capable of performing the
same actions.  I dunno, these were just some thoughts we had.

Good/Bad? Ideas, Suggestions?

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