Re: Resolving "daemon"

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 07/15/98

"Mark A. Heilpern" <heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM> writes:

> >How standard are they?  The nice thing about SYSV IPC is that it is
> >supported on just about every unix system in the world.  I've heard of
> >RPCs in general, but are you referring to a specific library?  Where
> >would it be available from?  If it isn't POSIX or reasonably common
> >then a lot of the use is lost since it would increase the minimum
> >level of ability necessary to install; I'd like to keep it as simple
> >as possible.
> Very; in fact, with the possible exception of Windows 95 and straight DOS,
> I'm not aware of any system that doesnt have RPC's. It's on every real flavor
> of Unix, its on Win NT, (might not be on MacOS), and it's on a menagerie of
> embedded operating systems as well :)

What function calls?  Is it pre-installed, or a library available from
somehere?  I'd like to see some info on this before I go out and buy a

Back to the original topic of this thread.  The code is working well
but I've yet to interface it to circle.. but that's a small thing for
the most part.  SysV IPC is working great and is proving quite
reliable.  I'll try to post something on it soon.

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