Resolving "daemon"

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 07/13/98

I'm writing a simple resolving daemon for my mud.  Basically I want a
solution to the resolving problems we've seen from slow nameservers.

My approach is to write a separate program that sits and waits for
messages.  It uses IPC message queues.  Basically it is given a
numeric address and it resolves it.  The client (ie the mud) supplies
the "daemon" with a host to resolve and waits for a reply.  This
eliminates the pause we see when a mud tries to resolve a site.  I'm
going to interface it to the mud where basically a person connects and
if the delay is more than a certain amount of time, they are given a
message like "please wait while your hostname is resolved".

Would anyone be interested in this code?  I've got it working with a
simple client (ie type the numeric and it respons) -- all that is
really left is to integrate it with circle, which shouldn't be too
hard.  If anyone wants it, I'll post it here.  It works quite well it
seems, consumes very little memory, and would serve all the muds on a
given system if need be.  I don't know what stock's needs are, but
this might fit in perhaps, at least for systems that support IPC.

(The main reason I wrote this was because I wasn't happy with other
solutions out there. Caching is nice, and could be combined easily
with this, but the caching code I found I wasn't very happy with.
The ident code does a similar idea, but it forks, which is an
overkill, and ident support isn't really all that necessary.
Basically this is a compromise between the two).


James Turner               UIN: 1102038

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