Re: Resolving "daemon"

From: Mark A. Heilpern (heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM)
Date: 07/15/98

At 10:52 AM 7/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>"Mark A. Heilpern" <heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM> writes:
>> RPC's then are, in my humble opinion, the best way to do this.
>> By best, I mean most versitile. If you've never used them before
>> and are interested, before you code anything, I'd strongly reccommend
>> getting the O'Reilly book "Power Programming with RPC" and reading
>> chapter 1. The whole book is excellent, but chapter 1 will really give
>> you the tools you need to accomplish this.
>How standard are they?  The nice thing about SYSV IPC is that it is
>supported on just about every unix system in the world.  I've heard of
>RPCs in general, but are you referring to a specific library?  Where
>would it be available from?  If it isn't POSIX or reasonably common
>then a lot of the use is lost since it would increase the minimum
>level of ability necessary to install; I'd like to keep it as simple
>as possible.

Very; in fact, with the possible exception of Windows 95 and straight DOS,
I'm not aware of any system that doesnt have RPC's. It's on every real flavor
of Unix, its on Win NT, (might not be on MacOS), and it's on a menagerie of
embedded operating systems as well :)

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