Re: [DG-Script] PL4 available

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/15/98

> I also need some help... Since I'm using page_string to send the entire
> list of objects that match the search parameter, the mud does not do an
> overflow and crashes instead when the string gets too long.  What can I
> do to avoid this?  Currently I just prevent immortals from using "vwear
> take". :)

        Simple enough then..


  while(something) {
    sprintf(buf,(a string));
    if(length(buf) + length(large_page_buf) > MAX_STRING_LEN) {
     page_string(buf,ch,0); /* i may have the args wrong here*/
     sprintf(large_page_buf,(that string from above..));
    } else {

        or something like that. Just check that you don't go out of
bounds, and if you do, then simply spit out what you have and go on.

        Or, you could make a *char and continually malloc more memory as
required (probably the 'correct' solution) - to a certain point, i'd

        Or, or, You could have it load into memory only one page at a
time, and the pager-function would procede to the next page... thats
probably best..  You'd have a nice function then, memory nice...

        I'm going to think about that one :)

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