[DG-Script] PL4 available

From: Mark A. Heilpern (heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM)
Date: 07/10/98

I've placed patch level 4 of 0.99 of DG Scripts on the
CircleMUD ftp site, in the incoming directory. The patch
there is only the full version (applied to a stock CircleMUD
bpl14, it adds full OasisOLC and DG Scripts), and as I'm
currently serverless, I'm not prone to making the other
varients; perhaps those out there can fill in the gaps?

The file is called dg_with_pasis_pl4.patch.gz, and is
currently in the incoming directory.

A summary of what's new is below. Note that this patch is
particularly new in that it is applied against bpl14, where all
others have been against bpl12. I've done practically no testing
of this; all I did is make sure the mud compiled cleanly and
a simple trigger, when attached by hand, executed, and it did.

Feedback is appreciated.

    ported to patch against circle bpl14
    added actor "fighting", "riding", and "ridden_by"
      fields (ridong/ridden_by are conditional)
    cured olc bug creating scripts on new obj/rooms
 * added otimer cmd, %object.timer%, and timer trigger
    added %actor.weight%
 * added mob and object "load" triggers
    gave %cmd% to command triggers
    changed "this" to "this_data" to be C++ friendly
    fixed rnum/vnum issue on attach (Belgarath)
    added %self.vnum% for rooms
 * added the zone-reset room trigger
    made command-triggers require a full match on the
        command, making "d" allow "down" instead of
        triggering a "drink" command, e.g.
    added str/stradd/int/wis/dex/con/cha to %actor%
    oforce made to accept multiple arguments

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