Re: [Newbie] pkill limit

From: John Woods (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 07/16/98

In a message dated 98-07-15 19:15:56 EDT, scorn@RMI.NET writes:

<< Ok here is my deal...  I have been trying to code in a pkill limit....
 The limit is 5 levels up and down example:  a level 20 char can only pkill
 within levels 15-25.... Now i tried using a check similar to summon,
 because it uses a check to see if the victim is less than 3 levels however
 its ugly with a bunch of errors.  I was wondering perhaps someone has done
 this already and could point me in the right directions.  i.e.  what needs
 defining and what doesnt...etc. >>

Try act.offensive.c.
+               if ((!IS_NPC(ch) && !IS_NPC(vict)) {
+                       if (GET_LEVEL(vict) < GET_LEVEL(ch) - 5) {
+                               send_to_char("Tsk tsk, attacking younger players! You WOULD do that,
wouldn't you?\r\n");
+                               break;
+                       } else if (GET_LEVEL(vict) > GET_LEVEL(ch) + 5) {
+                               send_to_char("A bit hard for you, isn't that? Wanna get chopped to
pieces, eh!\r\n");
+                               break;
+                       } else {
                                if ((GET_POS(ch) == POS_STANDING) && (vict != FIGHTING(ch))) {
                                        hit(ch, vict, TYPE_UNDEFINED);
                                        WAIT_STATE(ch, PULSE_VIOLENCE + 2);
                                } else
                                        send_to_char("You do the best you can!\r\n", ch);
+               }

There ya go. Try that. My spacing might be a bit off. Especially since I
ported this to AOL Email. Besides which MSVC uses dynamic tabs...instead of 4
spaces you can reset them and mine are two. :-)


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