Re: [Code] [Stock bug?] write_to_ouput oops. :-)

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 07/16/98

Oh, win95, sorry, all bets are off.  I would guess a memory overrun.  Turn on
full MSVC++ debugging with the memory tracking someone posted a while back and

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Subject: Re:  [Code] [Stock bug?] write_to_ouput oops. :-)
Date:    7/16/98 9:19 AM

In a message dated 98-07-15 18:33:23 EDT, angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM

<< Are you getting something about a malloc error in your logs?  if so you are
 trying to exceed your memusage and the program is just being shut down on
 Happens to me all the time.  if you are on UNIX type limit and then limit all
 unlimited. >>

Nope, no malloc errors. It just crashes. The FIRST call of the CREATE macro
work fine...but when it gets to that second one, kaboom, no messages, nothing,
just a Win95 grey message box of death. Any way to limit on Windows95? I don't
even know how I exceeded it...I'm on a 24 meg ram computer, pentium. I've
never had any problems, even with AOL, Pueblo, and MSVC++ running.


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