Re: Beta testers wanted: C Interpreter for CircleMUD

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 07/16/98

>I think maybe he meant a compiler for CircleMUD only; ie, since it's free,
>every average Joe will probably be putting a stock Circle game on the web.
>Lemme know if I'm wrong, and sorry to flame. :-)

There, now that we got the useless quoting out of the way (glaring at the
two offenders) I will correct you.  What this would be is an in-game C
interpreter.  For example, if an implementor wanted the ability to have
the MUD do something specific, like send a message to all people of level
30 or below, and didn't want to hard code it into the MUD then reboot, he
could write it up, in game, then run it.  It's basically a way of doing
specific functions without actually having to code them, and reboot.

Interesting idea, but as of now, I don't need any more beta stuff on my
MUD.  It's about as beta as they come ;)  Give me a yell when it's
debugged, and if I'm in a better situation MUD wise, I would love to see

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