Re: [Newbie] pkill limit

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 07/16/98

Hey the code you had worked somewhat with some minor alterations:

>int lvl = 0;

>lvl = (GET_LEVEL(ch) - GET_LEVEL(vict));

>if (lvl > 5 || lvl < -5)

>send_to_char("Try killing someone closer to your level.\r\n", ch);
>  return;

i tried in set_fighting but it still had the iniatal hit so it was doing
damage just not starting fights.......... so i added it to void damage,
vict needed to be changed to victim
however in void damage it doesnt distinguish between NPC's and
!NPC' i added && (!IS_NPC(victim))......By the way i have PK off
so that other players can see who the aggro pkillers are by the killer
flag......spells and kick/bash still work fine because of the check being
in damage however when you pick your first pkill fight you get the killer
flag and cant damage mobs ????  when i attack a mob not within 5 levels he
wont hit back and i cant damage it.....this bums me becuase now aggro mobs
wont attack and i cant kill anything NPC or not within 5 levels.  Then when
i pardon the killer he hits again but the mob doesnt.........if you have
any ideas or need more info because i have been at this for hours and I'm
probably babling......please reply

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