Re: Olc setting

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 07/20/98

> Not a simple procedure, but it's how I _PLAN_ to do it.  I think that's how
> Obuild does it, which I like better than the way Oasis does it.  (I may be
> wrong, but Obuild's zone allow/deny setup is more elegant than Oasis, and
> is pfile independent).

Actualy for simplicities sake, obuild puts a comment line in the zon file
itself * Builder <Blah>

Multiple lines multiple bulders.  It uses a function called get_zone_perms
to go through and parse the zone file for this info.

Then there is an zallow/zdeny <Blah> Zone# to modify it.

Not quite as neat as a separate system, but I like it lots :)

Has anyone done anything with DGScripts and OBuild?

It is coming up on my list, and thought osme input from someone who had
beenthere might help :)

Ghost Shaidan

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