Re: OasisOLC Patching

From: Chris Chambliss (zeddicus@PDQ.NET)
Date: 07/25/98

Jimmy Brians wrote:

>I can't get OasisOLC to work on my copy of circlemud. I've tried
>patching it in manually (it took me about 2 hours...had to copy and
>paste because i cant find a patch utility for win 95), and I've tried
>downloading a whole new version of Circlemud (i made sure it was the
>correct patchlevel that the oasis readmefile said) just to use for
>oasisolc, by replacing the stock files with the oasis files, which
>produced about 4 full screens of error messages. Nothing seems to work.
>The patch thing worked to an extent, but there were numerous errors. If
>anyone has had any luck with getting OasisOLC to work correctly with any
>patchlevel of Circlemud and any version of OasisOLC please tell me.

I had the same problem .. I went into, got the bpl 11
copy, and off the same ftp, I had gotten the .. unzip the bpl
11, and, I did this before I even compiled...I unzipped the
into your /src directory, let it overwrite, modify the Makefile for the
correct path etc, then just compile, and whamo.  There are ports of unix
commands out there, such as the Cygnus Developers Kit, located at
I used that to get patch and some other stuff like grep, gcc, etc etc. :)
Hope that helps!

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