[RP] memorization algorithms & ai

From: Joshua French (jfrench@UMR.EDU)
Date: 07/25/98

I have two requests.

A)  Does anyone have a decent spell memorization algorithm.  I've seen a
few, but I was looking for something that would get the mem time for each
individual spell, since I'm not using a system that allows spells to be
removed from list individually.

B)  Has anyone worked much on an interactive speech program.  This would
be along the lines of AI semantic networks(at least from what I've
researched.)  The AI I'm developing does more than speech, but it's the
one that I'm having the most trouble with.  I'm not talking about a mob
prog where they talk or emote.  I mean like actually parsing the tells to
it, then responding based on it's nature.

An example of this would be:

Ash:  Hi mob!
Mob:  [ash greeted you, i think i'll be friendly] Hi Ash!
at this point, the mob has asserted its nature(friendly, miscreant, etc)
Ash:  How are you today?
Mob:  Doing good, weather's a bit wet.

Anyways, This is just an idea that I've been looking at.  It's turning
into more of an expert system looking thing.  If there is anything
though, I'd be interested in helping develop or having a look at the design.

I'm also developing smarter fighting tactics on a larger scale, like if
the mob takes a serious blow, it runs for cover.  Sometimes it will come
back with friends, sneak attack, or just hide somewhere until you spot
him, or leave.


email:  jfrench@umr.edu       ICQ#:   13579151
        Joshua French          web:   www.umr.edu/~jfrench

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