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From: William Lowrey (lowreywo@JMU.EDU)
Date: 07/27/98

Thanks for the idea.  I am currently working on a mount system that will
allow players to buy, own, train, and advance their mount(s).  To make it
possible to expand on their abilities I am going to(I guess) an extreme.
I want to create an entire mountfile to save them in.  Each mount would be
different...kinda like pfiles.  Thanks for the Room_travel idea.  That
sounds like it would work great.

The way I plan on doing this, there will be no need to change
pfiles.(well, that is my goal)  All the mount info will be saved in the
mfiles(mount files).  The only thing that would change for players would
be in char_specials... by adding the char_data *riding, ridden_by flags.
But that data isn't saved.  If anyone is interested in me posting/sending
you the stuff(spec_procs, mounts, mount code) when I am finished drop me
an email.  Most likely won't be done for a while because I go back to
school very soon.

If anyone wants to help directly with this, I would be more than
willing/interested in working with someone on this.

Thanks all,


> Well, I was digging through old mail and I just ran over an old post about how
> mounts might be useful instead of just nifty.  It hit me... Add a ROOM_TRAVEL
> flag and have that flag increase the move cost of a room by 3-5X.  Then have the
> mounts cancel out the affect of this flag.  After the code is all set, add the
> ROOM_TRAVEL flag to all the rooms in your mud that are just connecting rooms
> between town, caves, hamlets, etc (places players want to go).  They will have
> to buy a horse to make it there without having to sleep every 5-8 rooms. (esp in
> the mountains)  This will also add the illusion that your mud is bigger than it
> actually is.
> The reason for the ROOM_TRAVEL flag is that I didn't want to double all the
> sector types.  Also, adding travel sector types would mean I would have to track
> down all the macro's and SECT_ checks and make sure the new ones were included.
> --Angus - Sorry for the flame, but if you can't send anything on topic, don't
> send anything at all.

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