Re: [NEWBIE] [SPEC-PROCS] Bomb Procedure

From: baktor (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 07/30/98

Pat O'Laughlin wrote:
>     I thought that a neat little feature could be bombs.  I tried
> creating a bomb using a spec_proc but I never actually got it working.
> All I want it to do is: character drops a bomb, waits a few seconds,
> then the bomb explodes doing lots of damage on the room that its in.
> Has anyone done this before or can someone whip up something really
> quick for me?

This has flame written all over it, the last sentence just don't help.
BUT, i feel like give some basic guidance, not only for you, but to see
if I'm correct in how to do this as I'd like to keep myself up to par,
even on the little things.

Here is what [I] would do: (maybe not with a spec proc)

1.  create an object that is the bomb.
2.  make a skill/whatever that will "light" the bomb so that it will
"explode".  I'd make a skill, as that's my way.
3.  The skill will take the bomb from the player, and set it in the
current room, grep/search to find how to do this.
4.  skill/whatever I would think should set the obj-timer much like the
corpse code does, only with a lesser number so it doesn't last as long.
5.  this way so far lets the object be picked back up and so forth, set
flags appropriately if you wish it to be hidden, !get or whatever
6.  in point_update (where the corpses are removed from game?)
        search for the corpse stuff and basically copy it.  Modify it so that
it checks for if it's an object....if it's a bomb (i'd use vnum) and if
the obj timer is 0 yet...
        if timer is not 0, timer--
        if timer IS 0, extract object (give good messages to ppl that bomb just
exploded right next to them if they are in room, maybe give similar
message to those around this room)
        do a loop through the players in the room and
        roll a dice() to get how much damage each person takes, you may
        wish to take something from fight procedures for this, or somewhat, I'd
do a flat out dice about 2x earthquake size....forget armor, it's a bomb
        once dice is rolled, give appropriate message that shrapnel hit them,
then take current hp and subtract the result of the dice or calculated
        check if they are still alive, kill them off if they arn't.
        loop to next player now i think
        may or may not wish to do this to mobs, same basic idea though

Heh, this is a basic flow of what you need to do to make it work. I
won't actually do it for you, but it should work half decently if you
know how to dig a bit in the code....everything you need is in the code
already, I may have missed a few things, but you can repost once YOU
have code in and stuff, much easier to point out stuff when you see the
code they are having problems with.  I suggest a skill for doing bombs,
but that's me as i said, you can do this however.  To make a skill you
basically look around a bit, I'm sure you can put 2 and 2 together.

heh, anybody else who reads this, comment on stuff i missed, I'm sure
it's there, comment, and you'll help not only him get started, but me
with sharpening my concepts and stuff up a bit.

Monk of Radark and Master of Pain,

Baktor Silvanti

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