Re: [BPL11] [Newbie] Multiclass

From: Jimmy Brians (f_t_p_7_7_7@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 07/30/98

>I was looking at adding a new level system and i know there are
>patches out
>there but every patch i tried along with every patch i tried tomake
>with do advance  when you type advance so-so 60 it says okadvanceing
>level 60 but really advances them to implementor (my level 74)>archives
>proved to serve no help on this one so I hope it happened tosomeone
>else(that got it fixed)

I had a similar problem back in my newbie dayz of mud programmin (bout 2
weekz ago, i learn fast). When i would advance someone it would either
advance them to a level a bit above or below and usually not to the
right level that i said. The problem was that in my exp charts I had it
randomly decide how much exp a player needed to advance (eg:
     switch (level){
     case 70: return (level * number(1000, 1500))

which if you dont understand, means that it generates a random number
betw 1000 and 1500. The player needs his level times that random number
to advance to level 70. The random part caused problems, i dont know why
(i didnt care to waste my time finding out) so i just took it out and
replaced it with
     case 70: return (level * 1250000)
or something easy like that. If you have random or some other such
thing, just replace it with a normal constant. If not, i dunno, if you
want you can send me your class.c file (the one that has the exp charts
in cm3.0bpl14 (my version). im not sure what it is in your version, but
should be bout the same.

-Zacman the infamous.

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