Re: DG Scripts

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 07/30/98

>You need the race patch to fix one? There is some race
>code in the patch, but it is only conditionally compiled, based
>on the presence of a GET_RACE #define. If you don't have that
>defined I don't see why you'd get anything from the compiler on it.
>If you do have it but are using a different patch for it, assuming the
>problem is in dg_scripts.c at the sprinttype line, where GET_RACE()
>[as a macro] is called, you should copy to the "str" buffer the name
>of the race of the character.

No no no, I was a bit unclear...  I can fix the race bug, I didn't
include that, it's the SENDOK problem that's messing me up...  Thanks for
trying though :)


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