Re: DG Scripts

From: Mark A. Heilpern (heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM)
Date: 07/31/98

At 07:45 PM 7/30/98 -0400, you wrote:
>No no no, I was a bit unclear...  I can fix the race bug, I didn't
>include that, it's the SENDOK problem that's messing me up...  Thanks for
>trying though :)

Hrm; I'd have thought my email did more than just "try"... your compiler
is complaining about the unresolved symbol SENDOK, but that's because
there IS no symbol of that name; it isnt a function, it's only a macro.
When you compile under a compiler that does not require all functions
to have been previously seen or prototyped, using a macro that was not
#define'd yields a function call, thus the need to resolve the symbol.
If you move the SENDOK() macro from comm.c to utils.h as I said in my
last email, this problem will go away.

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