[BPL14] [MSVC5.0] OLC w/dg_scripts

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 07/27/98

i downloaded a stock version of bpl14 and patched in olc w/dg_scripts it
all compiles with no errors but i have 70 warnings all the same and they
C:\MSDEVSTD\MyProjects\circle14\src\dg_triggers.c(824) : warning C4129: 'e'
: unrecognized character escape sequence

so i went to the code it calls out and they are all the same in one
ADD_UID_VAR(buf, t, actor, "actor");
ADD_UID_VAR(buf, t, obj, "object");

all of them contain this part:

ADD_UID_VAR(buf, t,......................some are ator some are object,
vict, etc....
has anyone had similar exp.  if so how do i get rid of them.....and the
stock circle had like 14 warnings of integral size mismatch is that normal?

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