[Win32] Dialogification

From: Joe DiLascio (OmnousMan@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/01/98

Um.. yeah.

I have a framework set up to run Circle as a Win 95 dialog app (eliminating
the excessive resource use of a DOS/console window) with 2 buttons (Run and
Shutdown-- I have those working fine) and a read-only edit box for log
However, I can't seem to get the damn thing to concatenate one log entry to
the previous ones.. (i.e. it'll only display them one at a time).

I tried:
Put current text into buffer;
strcat new log statement to buffer;
set dialog text to buffer... (there is no DlgItemStrCat or anything of the
sort that I know of)

But I still only get one line at a time.
Anybody know anything about MFC? Specifically dialog edit control manipulation
:p ?

Plans: I hope to create a fully functional dialog interface for Circle..
 - those nifty command line options (no, I haven't gotten that far yet)
 - log file saving
 - mayhaps a running tally of descriptors/players connected (by number or
perhaps name)
 - An MS Agent character tied in to an AI routine for the -really- lonely imps

If anyone out there just can't wait until I've made some progress, I could
send you a list of what I've accomplished so far... *shrug*

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