Re: [Win32] Dialogification

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 08/02/98

Joe DiLascio wrote:
> Um.. yeah.
> I have a framework set up to run Circle as a Win 95 dialog app (eliminating
> the excessive resource use of a DOS/console window) with 2 buttons (Run and
> Shutdown-- I have those working fine) and a read-only edit box for log
> statements.
> However, I can't seem to get the damn thing to concatenate one log entry to
> the previous ones.. (i.e. it'll only display them one at a time).
> I tried:
> Put current text into buffer;
> strcat new log statement to buffer;
> set dialog text to buffer... (there is no DlgItemStrCat or anything of the
> sort that I know of)
> But I still only get one line at a time.
> Anybody know anything about MFC? Specifically dialog edit control manipulation
> :p ?
> Plans: I hope to create a fully functional dialog interface for Circle..
> including:
>  - those nifty command line options (no, I haven't gotten that far yet)
>  - log file saving
>  - mayhaps a running tally of descriptors/players connected (by number or
> perhaps name)
>  - An MS Agent character tied in to an AI routine for the -really- lonely imps
> :p
> If anyone out there just can't wait until I've made some progress, I could
> send you a list of what I've accomplished so far... *shrug*

What for language you using to accomplish this feat?  I'd be very
interested on helping you out but lets face it, just about all snazzy
languages can do the windows thing.  I need to know what language your
using to even be able to help you.  heh, I'm hoping more and more that
it's VB cause that's like a very very good language for something like


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