Re: [NEWBIE] [SPEC-PROCS] Bomb Procedure

From: Rony Cooremans (rony.cooremans@VILLAGE.UUNET.BE)
Date: 08/02/98

in the ranged weapons snippet there is a code for grenades i suggest you
look into that one
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Van: Pat O'Laughlin <polaughlin@STARIX.NET>
Aan: <>
Datum: vrijdag 31 juli 1998 0:05
Onderwerp: Re:  [NEWBIE] [SPEC-PROCS] Bomb Procedure

>   I got it working sort of.  But I cant figure out how I would get it to
wait a
>few seconds before it explodes... can someone help me?
>baktor wrote:
>> Pat O'Laughlin wrote:
>> >
>> >     I thought that a neat little feature could be bombs.  I tried
>> > creating a bomb using a spec_proc but I never actually got it working.
>> > All I want it to do is: character drops a bomb, waits a few seconds,
>> > then the bomb explodes doing lots of damage on the room that its in.
>> > Has anyone done this before or can someone whip up something really
>> > quick for me?
>> >
>> This has flame written all over it, the last sentence just don't help.
>> BUT, i feel like give some basic guidance, not only for you, but to see
>> if I'm correct in how to do this as I'd like to keep myself up to par,
>> even on the little things.
>> Here is what [I] would do: (maybe not with a spec proc)
>> 1.  create an object that is the bomb.
>> 2.  make a skill/whatever that will "light" the bomb so that it will
>> "explode".  I'd make a skill, as that's my way.
>> 3.  The skill will take the bomb from the player, and set it in the
>> current room, grep/search to find how to do this.
>> 4.  skill/whatever I would think should set the obj-timer much like the
>> corpse code does, only with a lesser number so it doesn't last as long.
>> 5.  this way so far lets the object be picked back up and so forth, set
>> flags appropriately if you wish it to be hidden, !get or whatever
>> 6.  in point_update (where the corpses are removed from game?)
>>         search for the corpse stuff and basically copy it.  Modify it so
>> it checks for if it's an object....if it's a bomb (i'd use vnum) and if
>> the obj timer is 0 yet...
>>         if timer is not 0, timer--
>>         if timer IS 0, extract object (give good messages to ppl that
bomb just
>> exploded right next to them if they are in room, maybe give similar
>> message to those around this room)
>>         do a loop through the players in the room and
>>         roll a dice() to get how much damage each person takes, you may
>>         wish to take something from fight procedures for this, or
somewhat, I'd
>> do a flat out dice about 2x earthquake size....forget armor, it's a bomb
>> :P
>>         once dice is rolled, give appropriate message that shrapnel hit
>> then take current hp and subtract the result of the dice or calculated
>> damage
>>         check if they are still alive, kill them off if they arn't.
>>         loop to next player now i think
>>         may or may not wish to do this to mobs, same basic idea though
>> Heh, this is a basic flow of what you need to do to make it work. I
>> won't actually do it for you, but it should work half decently if you
>> know how to dig a bit in the code....everything you need is in the code
>> already, I may have missed a few things, but you can repost once YOU
>> have code in and stuff, much easier to point out stuff when you see the
>> code they are having problems with.  I suggest a skill for doing bombs,
>> but that's me as i said, you can do this however.  To make a skill you
>> basically look around a bit, I'm sure you can put 2 and 2 together.
>> heh, anybody else who reads this, comment on stuff i missed, I'm sure
>> it's there, comment, and you'll help not only him get started, but me
>> with sharpening my concepts and stuff up a bit.
>> Monk of Radark and Master of Pain,
>> Baktor Silvanti
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