Re: Stealing Worn items (Was [BUG] ROFL)

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 08/01/98

Del Minturn wrote:
> Another note which I thought is kind of stupid. You can only steal from
> the inventory. It should be set to steal anything they are wearing
> within reason. Major pieces of clothing (Pants, body armor, helmet
> etc..) should be difficult if not impossible. Wrist wear, waiste, neck,
> should be much easier and possible.
> Has anyone fixed this or coded something along this line?
hum.. I did.. Very easy actually If I remember correctly (This is some
time back so don't blame me.. :) I did something along the lines of :

Alter the steal command to accept the following :
STEAL <victim> <object> [inv/wear]

This made it very easy to check wether the person wanted to steal
something worn or something in the inventory, if no 3 argument is given
we start of by checking worn items, then the inventory.

I also changed the look <victim> command not to show inventory, but made
a peek command for that, and added it as a skill.

The line for taking obj's from worn is something like :
GET_OBJ(GET_EQ(victim, <whateverpos))
can't remember it correctly, and I don't have my code handy..

Hope it helps..


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