[bpl14] [dg] Seg fault revisted/solved.

From: Bryan Britt (beltane@BELTANE.COM)
Date: 08/03/98

IF you remember a couple of posts a week or so ago, we were getting a
seg faultat exactly 10 minutes into the gameloop.  We had originally
thought that this was caused by the nusage logging, but we had
determined that it was in the zone_update.

The system is bpl14 with the DG+Oasis patch. [Running redhat 5.1]

The final cause has been determined.  We had started a new zone 201 and
added the .wld and a blank .zon files to the respective index files.
Then once the .wld and .zon was rebooted.  We then used Oasis OLC to
create .obj and .mobs, and to add commands to the .zon.   This was all
done in bpl13.

Oasis does not automatically add new .obj and .mob files to thier
indexes.  {{WHY NOT??}}

bpl13 ignored the problem when it did a zone update, but apparently
bpl14 freaked somewhere in it.  We didn't bother to track down the exact
error in the function, we just added the appropriate lines to the

Thought you might want closure...  And to correct OLC to add the file to
the index anytime that it creates a new file.

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