Re: [Code] Weather system

From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 08/05/98

Although our weather system is quite simple when compared to the
complex set ups some people have, we've started to tie in a few spells.
   For example, control weather is now quite a potent spell, despite
only changing humidity, temperature and pressure. This spell is intended
to create 'suitable' weather conditions for other spells. The potency
of many spells is dependant on the conditions, such as 'call lightning'.
A small chance of lightning will yield a weak result. 'Wind blast' will
only create a significant gust if the weather is potentially windy.
This is slowly creating a set of 'seasonal spells' which players favour
at different times of the year, it also makes them take of notice of
which month it is, which is nice.
   We've also added in a couple of moons which affect magic depending
on their state (waxing and waning), which have added in monthly
variations. The end result is that players take more interest in the
cycles going on in the MUD. Some wait for favourable weather and the
correct moon phase before tackling that all important mob.

  They also buy storm lanterns now, as torches kept going out when it
got wet ;P

  As to adjoining cells, I think it was mentioned before when the
zone weather patch was first released. Best thing to do would be to
check the archives.

-> Ben

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