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From: Zarine Bashere (
Date: 08/05/98


>Just a quick thought,and I know it would be horrendously complex, but has anyone
>ever thought about a proper weather model, with adjoining cells affecting each
>other , air pressures, and seasons?
>Also , what about weather spells?

We made a system where weather depended on the zone and within the zone events could occur in a single room (you could even get hit by lightning ;) now the idea was that if you have an area like this:


lets say it's sunny in A, cloudy in B and rainy in C, each of these influence each other and you have to decde which gets worse and which better or you end up evening out all the weather. So randomly a stormfront rolls over the sunny weather and then it might also stop and get warmed up and turn into a sunny zone. This was also to be influenced by seasonal changes, summer would favour thunderstorms and scorching heat while winter favours chills and normal rain. Spring is moderately sunny laced with rain and autumn is rainy with harsh winds. You get the pic i think.

The trick is that weather spells alter something in the game and if you, like me, believe in the 'chaos effect' this would influence other things too. Now what i figured was to make weather created by 'control weather' very radical (like a snowblizzard in the summer) but very low in potency, so that it won't spread a lot (it would affect the adjacent zones but not much more, unless there's some freak co-operation from some other adjacent zone with more weather disturbances)

I was imagining something fun there too, all the mages getting tired of freezing in the winter and start warming up all the zones.. it would take a mudweek or two until weather setlled back again ;)

All this is not that very hard to implement as long as you set margins for the variations and bend those margins according to season, then seed a random value which you use to create a 'curve' inside the margins according to which weather occurs.

If you want more detail, implement a 3D-co-ordination system and make the weather room based instead of zones, that way you get more detail, with some variation but won't have to code a million variables.


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