From: Ray (ruppertr@SNYCORVA.CORTLAND.EDU)
Date: 08/05/98

On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, Nick Stout wrote:

>    I am keeping the ACMD(do_load_weapon), but i'm trying to make it so
> whenever a violence pulse goes by, it decreases the ammo by 1.
>    I do this with:
> GET_OBJ_VAL(weapon, 3) -= 1;
>    Basically, i dont remember how exactly i put it, but it said if a
> fire weapon was wielded, (i put this in "hit") it would decrease the
> ammo by 1, like that.

A listing of the bit you changed might be useful.

>    I compiled, and ran, and it crashed the mud. Why?

A gdb trace might be nice, but at least a listing of the relevant code is
necessary if you want anything more than a guess.

> -CyberMan
>    RealityMUD Implementor


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