Re: [CODE] Slay

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 08/06/98

> >         I know you can start a fight with a mob by casting a violence
> > spell, but I don't wanna have to!  So I made this.  It edits the do_kill
> > command so that you can type kill fido and you will fight the fido.  Yet
> > there is a new command called "slay" that lets you still instantly kill a
> > mob or player. "slay" will not let you kill a player.  If you want to kill
> > a player use the command "pslay". ;)  Lemme know at the above email
> > address if you are using my code so I know it's in use.  Etc. Peace out!
> Is it just me, or is this person missing something?  As an implementor,
> doesn't the "kill mob" command instantly kill things?  If you wanted to
> fight something, then "murder mob" ---  my thought is if you wanted
> Immortals lesser then yourself to have this command, then change some
> variable in fight.c or wherever do_kill exists...?

Personally, and no offence to the original poster, but I shan't use
the slay command.  For me, an offensive combat command other than
kill will start a fight.  Kick works rather well, and means that you
don't need to teach imms to learn new commands.

I also find that new imm coders try to find something easy to code to
start with.  The slay command looks like such a project.

Also, immortals only need to kill mobs to solve a problem or bug.
Therefore the direct kill approach is ideal.  Imms who wish to test
the combat system should have either

a) worked through the levels and therefore know how it works for that


b) should create a test mortal and, using set and advance, can test
the combat system properly


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