Online spec_assign?

From: Brian K. Finley (IMI, Inc.) (brian@IMI-BOTTLING.COM)
Date: 08/06/98

This is probably a stupid question...  A few months back I was curious
about how to go about adding classes for MOBs.  THe responses I got back
made me believe it took a lot of re-writing which is beyond my current
coding abilities.  Until I am up to the task, though, I was looking for
another way.  Is it possible to have some way to change the spec_assign's
"online" thru OLC?  As it is now, if I want a MOB to act like a mage in
combat, I give it the magic_user spec_procs in spec_assign.c and reboot,
then go into the MUD and turn on the SPEC flag for that MOB.  Now, is
there anyway to turn on maybe a "Magic_User" flag which was the
magic_user spec_procs?  I could then still use the SPEC flag for other
spec_procs, and make new spec_procs for each "class" I wanted.  It's not
as good as coding in full class abilities (fighting or not), but I think
this alternate way might be something I could tackle.  FIrst off, I'd
like some input on how hard/difficult this might be, and maybe a little
help on what needs to be done.

On another note, my do_gen_comm has a bug I can't track down, and it's
too big to post te whole section.  Is there an alternate method to
getting it to the list for some help?  Write 2 messages?  Part 1 and 2?
Send it as a file attachment?


- bkf

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