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From: Michael Gesner (lodaren@X.SMOKY.ORG)
Date: 08/06/98

On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Jimmy Brians wrote:

> Hmm sounds like a good idea but it reminds me of a game my friend showed
> me. Its named "Federation" and it is economic and planetary based and
> when people reach a certain rank they get a chance to make a planet that
> other people can explore and such, like you mentioned. I dunno if they
> would (i doubt it) give you hints on how to code such a concept, seeing
> as how you have a similar idea, or if they would sue you for stealing
> their idea, but its worth a try i guess. The website is
>  I think. It costs money to play but last time i
> checked there was like a 2 hour free trial or somethin for new players
> to look around.

Well if it isn't a small world ;o) I play Federation.... Now I'm not
trying to grab their idea... This isn't like fed in the sense that fed is
a more economy based game (I speak from 2 years of playing experience).
What I am attempting to do (and you all out there may flip out of your
chairs laughing), is to create a game that allows characters to develop
races, including planets so that the game's uniqueness is always

Essentially, I want to be able to have the game error check and recompile,
much like my small little AI programs that I've played with (Basically,
two programs working as one, not true AI). However, reaching this point
takes many steps...

I know I shouldn't be promoting the mud... So I'll step off of that for a
minute, and be a little more technical ;o)

Here's the primary dilema...
With an ever increasing MUD populus the MUD needs to support an increasing
number of players as well as maintain player files, as well delete them...
If I want to be able to handle different races, if a player deletes their
race then other players of the race (of a lesser rank) will either be left
in void, or will be deleted...

Then you must also consider the fact that you must allocate enough memory
(in world files) to support each player above the defined world builder
level. Once created, to conserve space, the next world should be put in
alignment to the next. In other words, if you have a 6 room world, and a
35 room world, in order to save space (Instead of making [35][35]), you
would make [6][35] because at high player levels any free space is
welcome... To solve this dilemma I considered moving player worlds to
player files, hence when a player is removed, the planet is removed, but
the race is not removed. I could implement a limbo location for the lost
race to warp into... and offer the highest rank the offer to build the
planet, but again I am presented with the problem of reading player files
into the game so that the planet and the rest of the game universe are run

It's still a large WIP but I feel that with some help, and a little
intuition, it can be done... any help, slaps in the face, or heavy duty
drugs would be appreciated ;o)

Michael Gesner
(Also known as

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