The first of many posts

From: Michael Gesner (MeGesner@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/05/98

Well, to all of those who are wondering who the heck the guy on AOL is...  I'm
also one of a few newbies here on the CircleMUD list...

But that aside...
In light of the fact that many code bases are essentially the same, and have
the same basic theme for a game, I decided to take a completely different
approach.  I wish to mix many ideas together for more of a piecemeal approach
to the whole thing.

Basically (I don't want to give away my full idea), I am starting out with a
culture.  As a person advances, they reach a stage in which they become a
'terraformer.'  This terraformer will have the ability to create and implement
a 'planet' if you will, into the game.  Given what I know about the code, this
produces quite a large security hole, in that if that terraformer uses
something along the lines of OLC, in order to create this, it would be
possible to edit a planet that is not their own.

In order to make this process more secure, I've had the idea of creating
multiple player files which include their 'world' file.  Writing to the 'world
file' is not the problem, reading from the world file when another player
wants to reach the planet is...

How would I go about this so that the world file is one congruous piece, that
is secure?
In other words, how can I make it so that my players can make their own
worlds, but not interfere with others directly in code...

Hope I'm not too confusing ;o)
Michael Gesner

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