Re: The first of many posts

From: Jimmy Brians (f_t_p_7_7_7@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/06/98

Hmm sounds like a good idea but it reminds me of a game my friend showed
me. Its named "Federation" and it is economic and planetary based and
when people reach a certain rank they get a chance to make a planet that
other people can explore and such, like you mentioned. I dunno if they
would (i doubt it) give you hints on how to code such a concept, seeing
as how you have a similar idea, or if they would sue you for stealing
their idea, but its worth a try i guess. The website is  I think. It costs money to play but last time i
checked there was like a 2 hour free trial or somethin for new players
to look around.

-Zacman the infamous builder/coder.

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