Re: [BUG] ROFL!!! :)))

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 08/06/98

Baktor Silvanti wrote:
> > Although a pickpocket can take my wallet, I'd find it hard to imagine him
> > stealing my shirt, or even watch.
> >
> > One approach I have seen is being able to steal worn items from a sleeping
> > and/or held person.  Failure may result in the victim waking up.
> >
> > > Has anyone fixed this or coded something along this line?
> >
> > I don't consider this 'broken'.
> I'd just like to mention that I've personally watched live a
> "magician/entertainer" steal 23 watches from the crowd before any of the
> stolen watch owners realized it was actually stolen.  This is irl
> example that it's very possible. If you where a thief, and your living
> comes from stealing, would you not also be able to do this? Probably
> even be able to make this look like a childs game.  Stealing pants may
> be hard, but trinkets like wrist stuff and neck stuff shouldn't be all
> that hard at all.

Do you have any idea how much you have to practice in order to steal a
watch off of someone's arm? It's right against their skin. To undo the
latch and free something that may be noticably tight around a person's
wrist without them realizing is not to be categorized as being, "all
that hard at all." Pick-pockets have to practice their craft a lot, they
get caught quite often, and they're not even dealing with a noticable
weight or presence directly against the skin. As far as stealing from a
person's neck: I can't imagine anyone managing this unless they were
behind the target and the necklace was lying over top their clothing. If
it was tucked in, then withdrawing it would cause the chain to rub
against the chest of the person. To suggest that because a magician can
do it, every thief should be able to is ridiculous. If we were going by
that logic, I should go out and saw some people in half. But I think
I'll chose my, accomplices...carefully, first.

> I am wishing to impliment some added features to the "\c05" type color
> system.  Sorry, I'm not near the code else I'd  give you who's it is and
> all that neat stuff, it was a very nice patch.  I'd like to add not only
> a few special escape sequences like blink and stuff, i'd like to support
> the whole ansi table.  I'd like to be able to make lil smiley faces if
> my heart wished it.  My question here is do i just take the section of
> the code that defines what each "\cXX" is and add on to the end of the
> list, adding the total to the max-colors if there is such a thing (as i
> said, no code near me tonight).  I would think adding those would be
> about all I'd have to do to support the whole ansi table right?
> Questions, comments, guidance....please.

Rather important point, here (though it may sound like I'm being anal).
You mean ASCII characters, not ANSI characters. ANSI is a standards
committee that developed the ANSI escape sequence stuff among other
things. ASCII is the standard character set, which IBM extended upon to
give you an extended character set. The extended character set will not
be supported by everyone, however. In fact, anyone on a non-DOS system
(including Windows) probably won't get the characters. As far as
implementation goes, I would add a seperate sequence for printing any
character in the range of 0-255 (e.g., "\#xxx"), that way you don't have
to add \c codes for each manually. To handle forbidden characters, you
would just create an array of characters players aren't allowed to use
and strip the invalid '\#xxx' codes.

-dak (Why am I back here, anyway?)

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