A offtopic and obcircle

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 08/07/98

        Has anyone ever ran into the following problem with nmake?
My nmae dos compiler that came with my MSVC++ has decided it doesnt like
timestamp. It will do a full compile each time I edit anything. And if
compiler stops on a .c file for a goof it will always start back at
comm.c. Moreover, after it links it compiler again and stops w/o a link.
This is very frustrating I have a 200 mhz processor but still takes about
3 mins to compile and makes work a pain. If you know how to stop this
or have had the problem and know a fix please inform me. A side note this
also happens on my work projects, my MUD, and a stock circle test I did to
test my abillity of Makefile creation. *ARGHHHHHHHHHH*


        I am confronted with a problem I am quite simply out of number for
rooms. (Yeah I am blessed with a group of excellent builders). My first
thought was lets change the typedef of room_num and vnum rnum obj_num etc
from sh_int to long. Well this is a task not for the light hearted. Okay I
lay out some basic debate points I have came up with....
        On a 32 bit system int is a long, yes? or they are the same size.
        And based on the presumption one can avoid many conflicts throught
entire code where say ch->in_room is pointed to i where i is defined as
int i. Where if you make it long you get incompatable warnings.
        Also if this presumption is true one can also avoid changing a
large amount of %d's to %ld's all over the code.

        Even with this it seems to be still a huge task and one wonders if
there is an easier way. One of my coders suggest booting a world2, but
that very idea scares me.
        Am I right assuming a int is more less same as long on a 32 bit
box? And does anyone know a "best" path to take?

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