Re: [NEWBIE] again, .patch files

From: Mort (bg214884@STMAIL.STAFFS.AC.UK)
Date: 08/11/98

>>I recommend cygnus's gnu win32 project, port of Gnu C to win32
>>environment.  It has stuff, including the patch command, Borne again
>>shell, and other essential unix tools.  Of course even higher than that, I
>>recommend linux.  The http address for it is
>>  Go there, and you will find the
>>coolest and lowest costing windows compiler around :P

>I went there but for some reason I'm forbidden from that particular place
>of the site... I mailed the webmasters about it though... but is there
>anywhere else I can get one? Does MSVC++ 5.0 have the capability to do it?

There is a mirror of the files on that site at:
and also


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