Final Warning...

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 08/11/98

A number of people repeatedly send mail to the list with failed
attempts at quoting.  A couple of these people, when re-informed
of the list rules, argue with the rules using other lists as

This list is *not* other Mailing Lists.  Their status' do *not*
apply here.  We have an archive that works very well.  We have
a digest mode that works very well.  These items cover the list
quite well when quoting is done properly.

By properly, I refer to situations where you are responding to a
post with say 40 lines of code.  You notice a correction to the
third line, and reply with a fix.  Correct quoting in this instance
would remove most of the code, leaving the line you correct, and
a couple of lines around it for contextual location.  You would
also remove any sig files, and any excess text that has little (or
nothing) to do with your response.

How come so many of you have trouble with this?

This is my final word of warning about this, and if you somehow
manage to still not be able to follow simple rules, you will be
remove from the list, and receive a piece of email informing you
why you were removed.

If you don't think that this applies to you, it probably does.


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