Re: minimal system requirements to run Circle?

From: Kyle Smith (sailorstarfighter@JUNO.COM)
Date: 08/11/98

Dear Sir,

        I am currently running Circle on my 386. I am the only one
connecting to it, but I think that it is fast enough. Running a mud
requires almost no processor time, Just a lot of memory. So yes, it
should be just fine. In regards to a 14.4 modem, you can get a 33.6 for
free, all you have to do is look at the ads in the paper....

Hope that helps,

Kyle Smith aka Prisma

On Sat, 8 Aug 1998 18:08:22 -0400 Steve Reeves <dormammu@VOICENET.COM>
>Hi all.. I recently got an entirely new computer system, and intend on
>running some flavor of Linux on it.. (either Slackware or Debian..
>decide which.) .. and, anyway, I was wondering ig my current system
>be powerful enough to handle running a circle server?  The new system
>AMD K6-233 processor, 32 megs of DRAM, and, to start with, a 14.4k
>connection to the net.  (Once I get 3 or 4 paychecks from my new job
>get a better modem) .. the only bottleneck I can forsee is a 14.4k
>connection... keep in mind this isn't going to be a "public" Mud for a
>LONG time, so I don't need a blazing fast connection yet.  At most,
>have 5 people + me on at any given time.  I'm assuming a 14.4k can
>that.. but I've heard weird stories about the processor power it takes
>run a server.  (I've heard that a medium-speed 386 can handle a mud
>easily, but another person I know who has run a Circle said they were
>running it on a Pentium 166 and didn't have enough CPU time for just
>MUD, let alone any other activites they were using the machine for.)
>Also, one of the things I hope I can add in is a "Kingdom" system,
>you'd have PC Kings (or Queens) for entire zones.. and the Kings can
>appoint princes, dukes, etc... and amass armies and goto war with
>"Kingdoms" or whatnot.  (with the winner getting control of the other
>kingdom and increasing his overall power.  I'll need to design this
>in such a way that it'd be nearly impossible to keep your entire
>under control if you "owned" the entire game... just because the
>game would be too big for any one person to manage.. sure, you could
>appoint other PCs to control one of your zones for you.. but then they
>might turn on you and declare independence or something.)  Anyway, the
>question I have about this is:  Are there any code snippets out there
>could base this system on ("supercharge" some guild code, in a manner
>speaking) or would it be best for me to do this on my own from
>Or, for that matter, is this sort of thing even feasible under Circle?
>Thanks for any answers.. :>
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