minimal system requirements to run Circle?

From: Steve Reeves (dormammu@VOICENET.COM)
Date: 08/08/98

Hi all.. I recently got an entirely new computer system, and intend on
running some flavor of Linux on it.. (either Slackware or Debian.. can't
decide which.) .. and, anyway, I was wondering ig my current system would
be powerful enough to handle running a circle server?  The new system is:

AMD K6-233 processor, 32 megs of DRAM, and, to start with, a 14.4k
connection to the net.  (Once I get 3 or 4 paychecks from my new job I'll
get a better modem) .. the only bottleneck I can forsee is a 14.4k
connection... keep in mind this isn't going to be a "public" Mud for a
LONG time, so I don't need a blazing fast connection yet.  At most, I'll
have 5 people + me on at any given time.  I'm assuming a 14.4k can handle
that.. but I've heard weird stories about the processor power it takes to
run a server.  (I've heard that a medium-speed 386 can handle a mud
easily, but another person I know who has run a Circle said they were
running it on a Pentium 166 and didn't have enough CPU time for just the
MUD, let alone any other activites they were using the machine for.)

Also, one of the things I hope I can add in is a "Kingdom" system, where
you'd have PC Kings (or Queens) for entire zones.. and the Kings can
appoint princes, dukes, etc... and amass armies and goto war with other
"Kingdoms" or whatnot.  (with the winner getting control of the other
kingdom and increasing his overall power.  I'll need to design this system
in such a way that it'd be nearly impossible to keep your entire kingdom
under control if you "owned" the entire game... just because the entire
game would be too big for any one person to manage.. sure, you could
appoint other PCs to control one of your zones for you.. but then they
might turn on you and declare independence or something.)  Anyway, the
question I have about this is:  Are there any code snippets out there I
could base this system on ("supercharge" some guild code, in a manner of
speaking) or would it be best for me to do this on my own from scratch?
Or, for that matter, is this sort of thing even feasible under Circle?

Thanks for any answers.. :>


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